Water Holes

If you find tiny holes, you can just reseal them with roof cement.
Larger gaps require more work and need to be properly patched.
Sand around the larger holes, then patch the holes with fiberglass.
Cut each fiberglass patch larger than the hole and seal it in place with resin.
the area with anti-rust primer, then an exterior finish.

Side Job - Siding Tips

When cleaning your siding, start at the bottom and work toward the top, then make a final downward pass to clean off any residue.
A major mistake many make is starting from the top, causing all the residue to accumulate at the bottom making the siding permanently discolored.

Repair a Wooden Chair

You need is a wood shim, a wood saw and a pencil.
Set the chair on a level surface and identify the chair's shortest leg.
Slide the shim underneath that leg until the chair no longer wobbles.
Lay the pencil flat on the floor and, moving the pencil point around each leg,
draw a cutting line on the legs.
Cut the legs just below the pencil line, and sand them smooth.


The fibers made into thick padding have been used for insulation as in refrigerators, but are being replaced in newer models
by urethane foam. Fiberglass fibers are combined with polyester resins to make a strong, lightweight, rigid material, which is molded
into one-piece tubs and shower stalls, having a smooth layer of plastic on the surface for easy care.

Our Line of Clothes

To set up a clothesline, first select the two end points well off the ground. Before hanging the pulleys,
feed the clothesline through, making sure the rope is long enough to stretch between both pulleys,
then have the two ends come back to meet in between and be fastened. Use a clothesline tightener, to keep the rope taut.

Preserving Flowers

To preserve simple bouquets of smaller blooms, just hang the flowers upside down for a month or two,
after trimming the lower leaves from the stem. Keep them in a cool well-ventilated space, away from sunlight.
For bigger flowers such as roses, you'll need to use silica gel.

Painting a Deck

Many fun patterns you can choose from thatíll add a distinctive touch. Paint a:∑ Rug design ∑ Sports team's logo ∑
Flag of a country ∑ Your name ∑ Just be creative. Once you've decided on the design, draw a chalk outline of it on
your deck and then paint. Be sure to have some fun.

Paint Cleaner

Here are a couple of tips for a faster cleanup:
To avoid paint building up inside the groove where the can's lid fits,
punch a half-dozen small nail holes into the shallow moat so the paint
seeps back into the can.To catch any paint dripping from the sides of the can, glue onto the can's bottom.

Thirsty Trees

Trees get much of their water from their network of fine roots, which quickly get saturated. Dumping water at the tree's
base doesn't cut it because most of will run off. Use a dribbler head on your hose to supply steady dosage. Remember
to move the hose around some to make sure the whole root structure thrives.

Dealing with Daffodils

Though daffodils fall within the narcissus botanical family, the bulbs' flowers can seem homely once their spring bloom has passed. Like all bulbs,
daffodils feed off the leaves, so removing the withered bloom too early guarantees a meager crop of flowers next spring. Replanted properly,
they'll flower for seasons to come.

In a Pickle

Soak overnight in a half gallon of distilled water with 1/3 cup of pickling salt. In the morning, transfer to one-quart mason jars. Place two garlic cloves
and two tablespoons of mustard and dill seeds in both. Boil 3 cups of water, 1 1/2 cups vinegar, tablespoon sugar and 3 tablespoons of salt. Fill the jars
and seal. Put the jars in boiling water for twenty minutes, remove, and cool for a month.

Blowing Your Mowing

Don't mow your grass when it's wet, that damages both your lawn and blades. Cut the grass back in increments, never more than a third of its current length.
Do cut your lawn, about three inches, it helps limit weed growth and reduces the need for watering. Don't cut you lawn obsessively, it can harm your lawn.

How Hot is Hot Enough

Turn on the hot water at the sink nearest the dishwasher. Let it run until it gets as hot as possible. Then use a meat thermometer to make sure the water
temp is at least 140 degrees. If it isn't, just turn up the heat on your hot water heater or you can insulate the pipes that run from the heater to the

Crack Prevention

Before painting fix any cracks in the plaster. Dig out each crack with a knife, removing loose plaster. Use the blade to cut the
crack wider underneath the plaster than on the surface, creating a channel for compound. Use a putty knife to smooth the compound into the crack,
then apply drywall joint tape. Sand the area down and paint.

Garage Security

For any average burglar, garages hold all kinds of goodies. They provide easy entrance to the home. So make sure you put sturdy locks on doors and windows.
If you can, also change the frequency on your door opener. Thieves cruise alleys with a door opener set to the manufacturer's frequency, waiting for a door
to open.
Tankless Water Heaters
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